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What is The True Value of Your Childcare Property Investment?

The team at Childcare Concepts has over 30 years of real industry experience, specialising in childcare property investments. We understand the NSW marketplace and can help guide you through selling your business or increasing your portfolio. Contact us today for a free appraisal of your Childcare business’ current market value.

9 Reasons why you should get an appraisal of your childcare centre…

  1. To know what your investment is “worth” now.
  2. To have an idea of how the market would value the business should you want to sell.
  3. To establish a process that would make your centre more marketable as part of your long-term exit strategy.
  4. To form the basis for strategic decision making.
  5. To place you in an informed position to extend your investment portfolio.
  6. To identify weaknesses or areas that dissipate value for you.
  7. As part of your personal financial planning with a view to sale.
  8. For your succession planning.
  9. To ensure you are creating long-term and sustained value.

Whether you are thinking of selling your Childcare Centre now or planning your retirement, the more accurate information you have, the more empowered you are to make the right decisions.

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