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With so much attention on the childcare sector don’t forget to keep your eye on what really matters – your service and your families. 

We all know that childcare has always generated interest from all areas – whether politicians, legislators, investors or the flood of the property developers (seeking another revenue avenue rather than residential), to name but a few interested parties. In fact, recent changes to regulations in Queensland, the growing size of purpose-built centres and their larger potential occupancy numbers, the lack of change in childcare wages and a growing population all point towards a growing interest in childcare services.

But it can be easy to make assumptions about what drives a business or market sector when looking at these sorts of obvious trends, and these assumptions can often be misleading.

ABC Early Learning showed the world how profitable childcare could be, but also how volatile the industry could be.

With high levels of government subsidies childcare remains a viable industry, but not every story is one of success.

Successful childcare centres are about their families, their staff and their community because the childcare industry is driven by people. A successful childcare centre supports the community around it, from the moment the foundations are laid.

Childcare centres need to be properly planned by people with expertise and specific childcare experience. Demand is a crucial factor when planning a child care centre and can be affected by proximity to other centres or distance from potential applicants.

The success of a childcare centre can be set in stone from the moment the blueprints are drawn up. Having reasonable operating costs, recognisable branding or perfect facilities can be all undermined by not having the right child care staff as experienced Approved Providers know only too well.

In examining the critical factors behind the success of certain childcare providers, modern trends are becoming clearer. However, it is important to take the time to understand the nuances of this specialised sector.

There are key lessons to learn when playing any role in the inception or development of a child care centre. Most parents look for child care centres online despite staff being a crucial factor in terms of occupancy and how comfortable parents feel.

Understanding and bringing together all these factors can be difficult in such a specialised industry. It is not enough to provide high-quality early childhood education, you need to clearly articulate your centre’s points of difference and key messages to the right audience through the right channels to your local community. Providers need to have a comprehensive business plan and a fully integrated online and offline marketing strategy.

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