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The Occupancy Level of any Early Childhood Education Centre is the Lifeblood of the Business


So improving your occupancy directly impacts on firstly, the financial performance of the business and secondly, it improves your overall return on investment when the time comes for you to sell. Early childcare education is a service industry, where you as a childcare centre owner, work closely with the community, so large scale advertising campaigns such as newspaper advertisements and bus posters – although traditional – may not be as effective as utilising other means to increase occupancy rates as quickly as you would like!

And why is that?

Because people need to be exposed to a message up to seven times on average before they even begin to register what you are trying to communicate.  So this could turn out to be not only time-consuming but also costly when there are other more effective methods given your position in the community.


So how do you stay one step ahead of this competitive child care game and increase your return on investment now?


By strategically thinking about how you market your childcare centre, where and with who!


Align your business with other community-based services and businesses.

Find your local cafés, mothers’ groups, prenatal clinics, baby fairs, etc. and get involved – publicising your childcare centre at the same time.  Organise contra marketing deals with these groups, where you promote their services through your marketing channels e.g. noticeboard, newsletter, and social media – in exchange for them doing the same.  It will cost a lot less than normal marketing efforts and be much more effective.


Letter box drop with a difference.

Letterbox drops are great when conducted correctly.  Don’t just put together a basic flyer, give it a strong call to action with a specific time frame – make people want to come in – offer free enrolment, children’s resources something similar, that new enrolments will go in the draw for if they register before a certain date. Also, don’t forget to utilise your staff when developing flyers and events to promote your service, they are your greatest ambassadors.


Other key points to consider…

  • Offer incentives for referrals from your current families. If you have families leave, ask them why and make changes to address any potential issues.
  • Review the presentation of your premises and website.  Remember they are your calling card to the public
  • Reassess how you are using your newsletter – are you utilising it to its FULL potential?
  • Start a Facebook page and look at launching an app as another communication channel – parents are busy and will love you for it.

Thinking of selling your childcare centre business, and want to know more?  Then feel free to contact us!  We love to help our clients achieve their goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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