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Looking for the Best Location for a Childcare Business in Brisbane

A twist on the north-south dispute, we investigate where in Brisbane is the best location for a childcare business

A tale as old as time: the northside versus southside debate. Brisbane locals have argued their side for generations, pitting southside culture against northside lifestyle. When it comes to choosing a location for a childcare business, owners must balance a commercially viable lease with other location factors like area demographics, adequate space and traffic that allows for easy pick-up and drop-off. There is a divide between the northern and southern Brisbane suburbs, with both locales presenting different leasing opportunities for businesses. So when it comes to Brisbane’s great debate, who comes in on the winning side of childcare business locations?

Northern Suburbs

Heading north from the CBD, rent costs remain high and large spaces can be hard to come by. There is a large population of young families living within ten kilometres of the city on the northside, and a high spending power extending from the CBD.

Business owners may face problems finding a property of a suitable size due to high competition and crowding. Many will need to look over ten kilometres from the CBD before finding a location with adequate space for their needs. Traffic is also a major downfall of this area, where peak hour wait times can exceed forty-five minutes.

Further north on the way to the Sunshine Coast is the Moreton Bay Region, Brisbane’s northern growth corridor. The Moreton Bay Region is one of the fastest growing areas in Queensland and provides a great availability and affordability of commercial and industrial land. Childcare operators wishing to take advantage of the affordable location should consider avoiding high competition areas. For example, the suburb of Caboolture has one of the largest numbers of early childhood and long day care services in Brisbane.

Southern Suburbs

When it comes to dollars per square metre, Brisbane’s southside is the clear winner. Even within ten kilometres of the CBD, leasing opportunities abound. Large spaces are readily available, with greater affordability of commercial land. Traffic is much less concentrated in the outer Southern suburbs, with low wait times.

Moving further south, there is opportunity for smaller, regional childcare centres between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. A high level of new development in the area means there are many young families moving to the affordable planned communities like Forest Lakes.

On the southside, Calamvale, Coorparoo and Inala top Brisbane for suburbs with the most childcare and long day care services. These areas have a high concentration of young families, however, there is also strong competition.

So which is it?

Ultimately, the ideal place for your centre comes down to the nature of your services. Small, personal services may do best in a regional area with a low population, while a more holistic or Montessori program might find their target market closer to the CBD.

With a team of experts dedicated to finding the most commercially advantageous lease, Childcare Concepts can work with you to find the ideal location for your centre. Contact us today to for assistance from our friendly team.

To ascertain for certain where the need is for your childcare site invest in the highly experienced and professional services of Business Geographics who undertake Needs Assessments Reports for both independent and large childcare groups.  The team at Childcare Concepts regularly refer our clients to Phil Henry of Business Geographics for a typical needs assessment which includes the following:

A typical needs assessment includes the following:

  • Catchment Definition and Map
  • Supply Analysis – details of existing centres inc. places, fees, vacancy rates and opening hours (based on telephone survey)
  • Demand Analysis – estimates of demand based on ABS census data and participation rates
  • Assessment of Need – including estimated average occupancy rates
  • Demographic Profile of Catchment Area
  • Population Trends & Projections by age group
  • Maps of Key Demand Drivers for Childcare.

The best decision for your new child care centre site is a fully informed decision!

For more detailed information about needs assessments for a particular area:
Please contact Phil Henry at Business Geographics

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