Once again Childcare Concepts have gathered a group of highly renowned childcare experts in one forum to speak on the hottest topics facing the industry today.

Throughout the 30+ years that our team has worked in the childcare sector, we have been fortunate to build business relationships with many renowned childcare industry experts from various specialist fields. These experts are now kind enough to come and share their wealth of knowledge at our Childcare Business Matters Workshops.

Benefits and Learning Opportunities

The workshops include a range of sessions covering topics from purchasing a childcare centre to childcare investment strategies. There are many benefits and learning opportunities for anyone in the industry, from new investors to experienced and well-seasoned owner-operators.

Our next workshops will cover:

  • Childcare Case Study – From a Landlord’s Perspective – Nick Anagnostou, Folkstone Education Trust
  • Approved Provider Testing – Dr. Brenda Abbey, Childcare By Design
  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Financial Modelling for your centre, Tamara Brown Partner PwC
  • Cost Efficiencies in Building and Maintenance – Jamie Mathiou, Mathiou Services 

… and more 

Tailored to the Childcare Business

Unlike other business seminars, our workshops cater specifically for the childcare industry. Our workshops provide a unique opportunity to receive pertinent business advice tailored to the early childhood education sector. This means that you don’t have to go home wondering how the material applies to your business or what you can do to adapt it.

Networking Opportunities

The events also provide a valuable networking opportunity, a chance to meet our experts, business partners and others in your industry. The workshop information isn’t theoretical – the experts have tried and tested what they teach so you can trust their advice. There are opportunities to ask questions of the experts to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit for your business.

Since our events are tailored specifically for the childcare industry, you will be surrounded by your peers. This provides you with the opportunity to share information and ideas while networking with others in the industry.  Sharing inspiration, thoughts and solutions can improve your business and reveal new opportunities for your childcare centre.

Understand Childcare Business Legal Requirements

Materials provided through the workshops can help you as a business owner gain a greater understanding of the legal requirements surrounding many business practices. Our previous workshops have covered the legal considerations for both buyers and sellers. as well as topics as varied as protecting yourself and staff, exit strategies and staff payouts, and leasing changes and childcare sales.

Benefits Childcare Business Investors

The workshops also benefit investors, covering subjects such as investment structuring, dealing with debt, and developing childcare investment portfolios. The childcare industry can be confusing to potential investors, so our workshops aim to minimise the confusion and make the investment process clearer.

Of course, each workshop will cover some new topics to improve your childcare business and assist in the buying, selling or investment process. This means that you will learn new information and have fresh insight into your childcare business, increasing your expertise each time you attend.

Wherever you are on your childcare journey, whether you are the owner of a single centre or an experienced investor, our presentations promise to be an inspiring learning experience. 



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