The Fraser Foundation aims to provide financial assistance to aspiring educators seeking a rewarding career that shapes the minds of future generations. Their mission is to support people in accessing education, training and mentoring, no matter their background. The scholarships will provide successful applicants with access to tertiary studies and research in the field of early childhood education. By providing scholarships to those who necessarily wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have tertiary education, we are adding more depth to the sector. And that’s truly something to be excited about.

The Childcare Concepts team are truly passionate about supporting this initiative. The luncheon is an extraordinary opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, expand your network while supporting passionate educators who need a hand furthering their career goals. We choose to partner with the Fraser Foundation as there are many young people who grow into adults dreaming of becoming a professional early childhood educator, but are sadly limited by their circumstances. Yet these people dreaming of one day nurturing and caring for our children are the very ones we need to encourage and support to fulfill their dreams. These are our future educators who are so determined and seize opportunities to realise their dreams of caring for our little people. What great role models these educators are, who in turn inspire the children they care for to also follow their dreams.

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