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New centre licensees and new centre directors often underestimate the importance of a well-prepared Transition Plan when taking on a new childcare centre.

Change can cause tremendous upset if it is not communicated properly, and a detailed transition plan is key to helping you avoid this. Your plan should include your communication with staff and families, any policy changes that need to be made, and should take into account existing administration or procedures.

Here are a few points to get you started on your transition document.

Establishing Credibility

It’s important to remember that the childcare centre has been operating at some degree (good or bad) before your arrival, and you will not be able to ‘personalise’ it in one day. Work with the existing team, listening and acknowledging any of the concerns or questions. Ultimately you will need their support to carry out any of your changes or ideas.

Policies and Processes

From the time you set foot in the door you become responsible for the staff and children. It is your responsibility to ensure the centre is meeting compliance – as a minimum! Addressing these policies upfront may save you a lot of avoidable pain in the future and in the long run, and it will greatly assist in establishing your credibility with the team and families.

Take Time With The Families

Take the time before your first day, to introduce yourself to families, telling them a little bit about yourself and how you are looking forward to working with the existing team. If there are agreed or necessary changes that must take place then you should also advise families as soon as possible.

The transition phase is a make or break period and if there is a breakdown during this period, then the road to being a stable, happy, well respected childcare centre within the community can be very rough and very long.

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