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The jobs market has changed and in today’s fast paced environment and many employers, including child care centres, are finding that they no longer hold all the cards when it comes to retaining staff. Employees no longer prioritise holding a job with their current company over seeking a job elsewhere that suits their lifestyle and career aspirations.

A staggering one third of new hires quit their job after about six months. To put it more into perspective, nearly 25% of all respondents are considering leaving their job within 12 months. That is why it is important for every employer and organisation to make employee engagement and retention a priority!

A recent study conducted by Achieve Global listed the four best strategies that are guaranteed to boost an employer’s chance of retaining key talent:

  1. Offering competitive salary, benefits and incentives packages. This one is a no brainer, an employee is more likely to stay if they feel they are being rewarded for their service.
  2. Ensuring employees receive the recognition they deserve for a job well done. Recognising hard work and talent does not only make employees feel valued and appreciated, it is also a great motivator to boost productivity. This includes ensuring managers offer regular recognition and thanks and are open in sharing the company’s strategy.
  3. Offering career development opportunities. One of the most common reasons for job dissatisfaction is staff feeling that their current role does not offer any options for career progression. Offering regular opportunities to progress and external training opportunities will not only increase job satisfaction but it will also boost your business’ quality of service.
  4. Ensuring a healthy work/life balance and allowing flexibility. This is achieved by creating a healthy and pleasant work environment, allowing flexibility to improve work/life balance and setting realistic expectations about workload.

To ensure your company is attracting and retaining an appropriately talented skilled team of employees, pay close attention to your retention strategies. Also remember to monitor their success and to be flexible in your approach in updating them about your organisation’s strategy and milestones.

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