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Tips To Network Your Childcare Centre


Love it or hate it, networking is an essential part of any child care centre owner’s role.  Especially if you are functioning as an owner-operator, as networking gets your face and your business’ brand active in your local community – the more people see you and your logo, the more it will make your centre synopsis with child care in your area – having a knock on impact on your occupancy levels.  So what do you do when you literally hate networking? Well, here are some handling tips to break the ice next time that you are at an event.

Business Cards

We all have them, but do we ever really utilise them to their full potential?  Spice up your business care and make it a statement piece; the child care industry provides endless possibilities for creativity.  So why not apply one of these fun aspects of your business to your card? Having a quirky card also provides you with a unique conversation piece in the next networking event – not to mention, it will make you memorable with little to no effort!

Put your hand up

Networking events can be stressful, especially when going on your own.  “Will I or won’t I meet anyone?” being the repetitive question you find yourself asking on the way in your car.  Well, it does not necessarily need to be this way. Try volunteering to help at the event.  Volunteers have unlimited opportunities to speak with everyone: from people at registrations, right through to the speakers and organisers themselves.  If you find that you tend to be introverted, volunteering, as you may find out, will take the pressure off meeting people. As you will be contributing to the event, the networking opportunities will just be a natural progression.

Take an interest

Listening is what we do. As a childcare centre owner, you listen to parents, caregivers, staff and of course, children, and taking an active interest in what they have to say.  So when it comes to networking, if you do not like the spotlight, then don’t take it.  Listen to the people around you and simply ask questions about themselves. Instead of flipping it immediately back to yourself, dig deeper. Ask how they got into their line of work and what they like about it.  Taking an interest in someone will leave a lasting impression

Not too sure where to practice these new networking skills?  Check out our previous blog on increasing occupancy!


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