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What a Referral Program Can Do For Your Childcare Centre


If you’re looking at selling your childcare centre, you will want to ensure that you have an impressive occupancy level and good community reputation. And one of the best ways to achieve both of these is by implementing a referral program.

Referral programs are a low-cost marketing tactic that can help you acquire new families.

Naturally, you should be already receiving referrals from your centre’s families, but by implementing an official referral program or campaign you can further push these referrals, and target your campaigns for certain times of the year when parents may be looking for a new childcare centre.

Offer a referral rewards or incentive

By introducing an incentive for families, it will encourage them to refer your centre. It might be a family pass to your local theme park, a week’s care for free, a gift card, or some other value proposition. Remember to include terms and conditions (T&Cs) that specify how long the referred family must be enrolled for before the incentive is received and any other conditions to the program.

Promote your referral program

Make sure your families and staff are aware of your referral program by including it in your newsletter, handing out flyers, and having it visible within the centre. Promote it on your social media, and mention it to parents when they enroll their child.

Educate your families

Make sure your families know about your points of difference and your value. Their children might not come to the centre on the days when you run your extra curricular activities, so make sure they’re still aware of your programs and activities. Remind them about your healthy meal offering, that you provide nappies, or any other added value your centre provides. These will give parents points to talk about when referring your centre.


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