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Don’t Forget The Power of a Good Childcare Centre Website

When did you review your website last?

A professional website is such an important asset for your Childcare Centre. It is often the first impression you give to your potential families. In addition to customer service, quality and price, this general impression convert to an overall opinion about your centre. Make it a priority to create a quality page to generate enrolments.

Let Your Website Grab Their Attention

Your website is basically the hub for all your social media and advertising efforts. Families become aware of your centre through these methods and are directed to your website for further information and clarification. It is important to grab their attention at this stage. If your social efforts were good enough to convert to a click to your website, it is important your website is of the same quality. Unlike social media platforms, you physically own this page. You have the power to make it amazing.

Let Your Website Establish Trust

Families trust the opinions of their friends. So, when your centre comes to their attention through word of mouth, it is important your website replicates what has been said. Families don’t get in contact with you until they have done their research.

Learn From Your Competition

If you are completely stumped, start by looking at your competitors’ websites. See what they have done well and critique what isn’t particularly good – have they articulated their point of difference to other centres in the area? Take note of this and incorporate it into your centre’s website plan. Even if you are currently operating at full capacity and there’s no foreseeable immediate competition, don’t be complacent about updating your website. It is better to be prepared well with a real focus and adequate time than be in a frantic rush when you need it most.

Quick questions to ask yourself:

Does your website represent the value you offer to children and their parents?

1. Keep it pretty

You put so much effort into making the front of your centre presentable to make a strong first impression. Your website should be no different. Create a WOW factor. Incorporate consistent brand and key messaging quality from your landing page (home page) all the way through to your enquiry form.

2. Professionalism and proof

Proof of professionalism will always create trust with your families and increase levels of engagement. This is as simple as ensuring consistently correct spelling and grammar – don’t forget you are a community of educators proofreading is key!

3. Involve the reader

Most centres are very ‘WE’ focused. Try to transition to what is in it for the family. Use words to the effect of “Your child will be nurtured, educated and socialised as we work together with you as parents on your childcare journey…”

Don’t underestimate the importance of your website. Make it your goal to have a website that parents are proud to share with their friends. Be the centre that generates positive word of mouth online through your website presence. This will generate enquires and you and your team can convert them into new enrolments.

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