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One of the most effective ways to get insights from parents about their perceptions of their child’s education is through surveys.

This is an essential feedback tool for childcare operators as it allows parents to provide positive contributions to their child’s learning, but is also a great way to determine a childcare centre’s overall success. Giving parents the opportunity to share their feedback through a survey is a smart way to get open and honest comments, which will help keep your childcare centre on the road to success. Here are some of the ways you can use parent surveys to determine your facility is running smoothly.

Get Parents Involved

Sending a survey home for parents is a great way for childcare operators to better understand the level of involvement they have with their children and how they interact with other parents. The success of a student starts at home, however childcare teachers and administrators are only aware of what is happening in the classroom – getting parents to participate in surveys can assist operators in coming up with fresh ideas for ways parents can help their children achieve academic milestones.

Test The Centres Atmosphere

Surveys are also a great way to gain insightful feedback from parents which may not otherwise be shared. Childcare operators can use surveys as a tool to capture parent opinions surrounding a range of different topics of interest. The best way to determine whether your centre is creating a safe, healthy and supportive environment for the children is to understand what the parents think. Use surveys to find out about parents’ attitudes towards their child’s classroom, the centre’s facilities and centre’s staff, can help to ensure you’re on the right track.

Track Student Habits and Health

What goes on outside of your childcare centre has as much of an effect on a child’s success as what goes on when they’re in your care. Questions such as, how much time are they spending in front of a screen? Are they participating in activities which simulate their imagination? Are they exercising on regular basis? Are all important when it comes to a child’s overall well-being. When you have the answers to these questions, you can plan special lessons or programs which encourage your students’ health and happiness.

Retain Enrolments

Asking for parents’ views on issues through surveys can also help to improve communication, which can benefit your centre in many ways. This is important not only for the well-being of the children, but also for retaining and recruiting enrolments. Positive perception can drive word of mouth, so giving parents the opportunity to speak up and give feedback becomes a very important tool. Checking in with parents often with surveys is an easy way to ensure they’re satisfied with how the centre is running and can ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your childcare centre running smoothly.

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