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When you’ve decided it’s finally time to sell your childcare centre, you want to ensure you achieve the optimum purchase price within the market and that the sale and transition goes as smoothly as possible for you as a business owner and for your staff, families and stakeholders.

If you’re confident the value of your childcare centre is high, it shouldn’t be difficult to communicate that to potential buyers. However, if selling childcare centres isn’t your area of expertise, it might be time to turn to the professionals to reduce the stress of selling and allow you to continue successfully run your business.

The team at Childcare Concepts strongly believe you deserve to get what your childcare centre is worth and want to help you achieve your goals.

When you come our service, there are four things we can promise:

1. We are a childcare broker specialist

Within our team we have over 50 years of experience in childcare ownership. Child care sales, leasing and development is what we do, and our partnerships with industry experts such as PwC, PEP Solutions and Business Geographics gives us a network of external resources unmatched by our competitors.

2. We have a well known reputation for professionalism

Having our team by your side will only boost your chances of a successful sell. It is a known fact that having a known credible broker by your side during the sales process is a major asset.  We will vet potential purchasers to ensure we find an Approved Provider who shares your ideals and will transition into the centre without compromising the relationships you have built with your families, stakeholders and of course, most importantly, the children.

3. We are committed to maintain strict confidence

Maintaining strict confidence is closely linked with maintaining our professional reputation. We have strict guidelines for confidentiality and will not send details of your centre to anyone without assessing their intentions. Depending on your wishes, we can sell your centre privately without advertising at all, we can advertise your centre on our website with minimal information or we can use our full suite of marketing tools.

4. We always negotiate for the optimum purchase price

Setting the benchmark in childcare values is a big factor in ensuring you are getting an optimum purchase price, which will result in premium purchase price. Our expertise in assessing the value of childcare centres have given us the ability to confidently decide what a certain centre is worth and the best price it can be bought for.

These four key areas are what will help you to successfully put your childcare centre on the market. Though it may sound simple to begin with, once the process begins it can become quite stressful, especially when you are juggling other things at the same time. If you find yourself in this position, or just know that you would prefer to hand it over to the experts in childcare sales, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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