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Community activities are wonderful to get involved in as they often assist you and your Centre to gain respect from local parents, which only adds to the positive word of mouth.

But it can be hard to decide which activities to be involved with, especially when considering how many there are on offer these days. However, not to worry, this month we have put together a couple of considerations that will help you successfully choose your first community activity.

Where to start?

Firstly, you have to ensure that whatever your chosen community activity may be, lines up with your Centre’s objectives. This could be a child based community activity such as working with charity organisations or youth groups.

Interestingly, studies show that it is better to focus all community involvement on one or two specific community activities instead of picking five or six and not putting as much effort or time into them. This is because businesses that focus on a smaller number of community activities have more time to devote to them and as a result, they tend to have a greater impact and have more community recognition.

Focus on core attributes

By choosing community activities, which closely align with your core attributes gets your Centre the advantage of being able to draw on the skills and knowledge that they already possess. This is especially important for your business when creating relationships with new potential stakeholders.

Establish long-term activities

Community activities are more beneficial to your Centre when they provide long-term involvement opportunities. This is due to many of the advantages that come with relationship growth within the community. Whilst short-term activities are great for implementing high-visibility projects – with tangible benefits – good community programs should actually offer a balanced mix of both short and long-term activities so these need to be included. Being an active member/business of the local community and building relationships with them will provide you with a happier and more loyal community.


And remember, solidifying within the community your Centre’s reputation for quality care and services can greatly influence the monetary value of your Centre!

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