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Once again the team at Childcare Concepts exceeded a vendor’s expectations through efficiency, diligent client communication, professional negotiation … and a higher selling price than expected!

Dora Pappas entrepreneur, centre owner and educator chose Childcare Concepts to sell her two childcare centres so she can pursue her dream of travelling through Europe and while there, researching and developing a new business venture, focusing on providing specialised services for the early childhood industry. Happy Little Campers located at Five Dock was established in 2007 became a success through the blending of Dora’s corporate financial services background and her passion for early childhood education. The two centres located right next to each other with a total of 37 places, had a superb reputation.

After Dora’s initial research, it was clear that a number of childcare brokers couldn’t give the local focus or the support through their sales process that she was looking for. Dora was aware of Phillip Malek through ACA NSW and his professional reputation in Sydney as well as the Childcare Concepts newsletter which she used to keep up to date with market trends. From first contact Phillip and Amber impressed her with their efficiency, communication skills and respect for confidentiality. Being locally based it was straightforward to arrange site visits and face-to-face meetings; a service that Dora found invaluable.

Throughout the sales process, daily contact was maintained by phone or email, giving guidance and screening prospective buyers working closely with Dora as the vendor towards a positive outcome. In the end Childcare Concepts achieved a sale price in excess of 1.6 million which exceeded Dora’s expectations.

“Childcare Concepts are very approachable down to earth, punctual and highly communicative and great negotiators. They earned my trust completely. I’d definitely recommend them because they will work with you to get the best offer.”
Dora Pappas

Are you thinking of selling? Need an appraisal as part of your exit strategy or looking to expand your investment portfolio? Contact us at Childcare concepts and see how we can exceed your expectations!

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