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Branding is everything to a business, especially for one as important and as competitive as running a child care centre.


It is what people use to identify your business and its ethos.  However, there is so much more to your brand than the sign out the front, your logo or your website.  Many business owners forget that one of the biggest elements of your brand and what it represents is actually your staff.  For this reason, I have put together my top three reasons as to why staff uniforms are necessary for any childcare centre who is serious about their community image.

Why Staff Uniforms are Important in a Child Care Centre:

Professional Standard

In a nutshell, they make your educators stand out from the crowd, whether that be while a member of your staff is waiting in the line at Woollies or in the centre itself.

Uniforms can improve your centre’s brand identity and can even work as a free advertising technique. If you add your brand name or logo to the uniform, then it will act as a moving advertisement since not only your customers but also the common public will know about your business whenever they see your employees.

They also set a professional standard of dress and remove any “grey” areas as to what is and what is not an appropriate attire whilst working in your child care centre.

Unity and Equality

When Educators and Centre Staff wear the clothes regardless of position or financial status, they feel a sense of unity and equality. Clothing can be a key differentiator of social class, which can create tension and jealousy in your workplace – directly influencing the vibe of your childcare centre that welcomes children and their parents.
Removing this can contribute to healthier co-worker relationships and a better workplace environment.

Parent Relationships

Enter any busy childcare centre and you will see that educators and staff are always engaged in and playing with the children at the facility.  Whilst this is ideal, it can make spotting a member of staff challenging when they are wearing “every day” clothing.  Uniforms make identifying staff members simple and can lead to increased parent satisfaction in your centre.

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