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Improve Value By Keeping Your Childcare Centre Looking Its Best


Does the outside of your child care centre represent the quality of care going on inside? A good curb appeal can help your centre get noticed, and improve your property’s value. Here are a few quick tips to keep your centre looking its best.

Ensure you have adequate outdoor signage

Grab people’s attention by having clear signage on the outside of your centre. Use colours and graphics that will stand out, and that people can remember. If you don’t have the area for large signage, think about investing in some outdoor banners that can also be used at community events.

Give the front door a makeover

Your centre’s main entrance is on the front lines of first impressions, and giving it a facelift can work wonders for the exterior look. Create an inviting scene to draw the eyes of people passing by. Entice parents and children into your site by offering a warm and welcoming feeling right away. Consider repainting it in a fresh and vibrant colour as well as replacing the handle and lock fixtures. Child care centres are a fun and exciting place so why not have a door which reflects this! If no amount of paint is going to make the door look better, then consider replacing it all together.

Plant flowers liberally

Nothing is as cost-effective as planting flowers when it comes to boosting curb appeal. Plant them in flower boxes, along footpaths or in full-on flower beds. To make life easier for yourself, plant perennials so that you don’t have to go through the full replanting repertoire every year. Minimise the need for care and upkeep by finding out which plants are best in your climate and location. Once again don’t be afraid to use colour to brighten up and invite inquisitive minds.

Install exterior lighting

There are several affordable but effective ways that you can use exterior lights to boost your centre’s curb appeal. If you have recently reworked the front exterior, a spotlight can draw attention to this new highlight. Likewise, small garden lights nicely accentuate footpaths and flower gardens. Incorporating fairy and mythical creature lights will also bring your exterior alive and your children will love them.

Follow the above tips, and you’re likely to draw more attention and engagement to your centre than ever before.


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