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How to Get Your Childcare Centre Seen In Your Local Community


If you are running a new child care centre and need to get the word out, or if you are just looking to give your local profile a boost, a good way to achieve that is to simply get out there! Think local markets, shopping centres, children and family-focused events like a public play or musical performance at the local park on the weekend. Set up a marquee and get mingling.

Find Community Activities or Events

A great way to get access to cultural and community activity calendars is to have a look at your local council website, and to look for parents or community Facebook groups – these are usually set up by parents or active members of the community, and because they are segregated by area, you can get a lot of relevant and useful information for your business. You can also use these channels to communicate with your audience in a cost-effective way; once you’ve decided what event to be a part of, you need to tell people about it.

Build Relationships

Understand that attending a community event is all about building relationships. Set up your marquee with an activities table for the kids – a colouring station is a great way to get your branding across without overkilling it. Have your logo, web address and phone number on all colouring sheets for the kids to take home. Balloons are another easy way to incorporate branding – and by handing them out to the kids you can reach even more people as your cute brand ambassadors parade your balloons around the park.

Talk to the Parents

While the kids play, talk to the parents. Be nice and casual and have some flyers around, in case anyone wants more information. Tell them about your childcare centre’s next open day and give them the option of signing up for your newsletter – but don’t be too pushy. Remember they are out to enjoy a relaxing fun day with the kids.

By being social and pleasant, you’ll be remembered every time parents drive past your child care centre, and soon enough you will have converted them from just someone walking past your stand, to another enrolled family who becomes an advocate for your services.


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