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Standing Out From Competitors in the Childcare Business


Australia is set to experience a mini baby boom in the coming years, with the childcare industry expected to experience an annualised growth rate of 14.3%, according to figures released by IBIS World.
This is good news for childcare services, as revenues are set to grow by 34.8%. However, this also means tougher competition. With relatively low entry barriers in the childcare industry, new competitors are always emerging. In order to stand out, it is important to have a clear point of difference from your competitors. So what are parents looking for when making an all-important childcare decision?

Flexible and Affordable Childcare Options

Gone are the days of nine to five as the number of parents working outside of standard hours is increasing. Flexible childcare options such as drop-in childcare are increasingly common, providing care late at night, early in the morning, overnight and even on weekends. More parents are also taking a closer look at childcare costs, with job losses and expenses pushing parents to decrease hours or even pull kids out of programs. As a result, child care centres need to be able to make programs affordable, or even work out a pay arrangement for struggling families to encourage them to stay.

As many families are choosing to use a variety of care options based on their current needs and circumstances, child care centres that provide greater flexibility and affordability with quality care are increasingly more appealing to parents.

Enrichment Options

Even though parents are busier than ever, many still want their child to participate in an array of activities like ballet, karate, gymnastics, soccer etc. Sadly, parents with busy schedules or long commutes often don’t have the time to do so.

Child care centres can remove that burden by offering enrichment options in the centre by bringing the instructor to the centre instead of the other way around. By allowing parents to sign their children up for optional fee-based activities to participate in during the week while still in care, parents can be assured that not only are their children participating in a variety of activities, but they are also doing so within a safe and familiar environment.

School Readiness Programs

The ability to help and support children through one of their biggest challenges in their early life – school – is an important factor for parents when deciding childcare services. Regardless of workplace conditions, many parents still choose their childcare services for their school readiness programs. Child care centres are becoming more like early education as research continues to show that children are capable of learning early academics and other skills that previously were not taught until later. This is also due to the pressures of our society for children to perform well academically.

However, school readiness is more than just children learning the alphabet and how to count, it is concerned with a child’s maturity and their ability to adapt and deal with new environments. School readiness programs also need to factor in a child’s physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development milestones because each child has their own unique characteristics and developmental patterns. Through development screening and assessments in the early childhood years, problems can be identified early and intervened appropriately.

Child care centres need to have a clearly articulated school readiness program that is capable of being tailored to a child’s strengths and weaknesses. Doing so assures parents that their children will develop vital readiness skills in order for them to not be at risk for their future academic, social and occupational success.

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