When selling a childcare business, it is highly recommended that you get a professional broker to help you.

While some people do manage to sell their business without a broker’s help, sometimes the stress and extra work involved with selling a business are just not worth whatever amount you might be able to save by not getting professional help. In this article, we have gathered the main reasons why hiring a professional childcare broker is the smartest way to go when the time comes to sell your child care business.

1. Confidentiality

News that your child care business is for sale can negatively impact your staff, customers, and other stakeholders, so it is very important that confidentiality is maintained throughout the sale process.

When you use a professional childcare broker, they will protect the identity of your business, and only provide information to pre-approved parties who have agreed to legal confidentiality terms. Brokers are also used to sharing only enough information to pique potential buyers’ interests, without giving away any identifiable information.

2. Industry Knowledge – Experienced Team

You should expect a professional business broker to have an extensive background not only in buying and selling businesses in their specific industry, but also to have experience as a business owner, as this will give them a much better understanding of all the challenges and variables that might impact the value of your business.

Childcare Concepts has a team of professionals who have over 50 years of combined experience in both real estate and child care, as well as extensive experience as business owners and managers, making them the best team out there to help you sell your childcare business.

3. Numerous marketing channels and Existing Database of Purchases

If you are looking to sell your childcare business, a professional broker can expose your business to a much larger audience than you could if you decided to sell it on your own. Not only does a broker have access to numerous marketing channels, but depending on their experience in the industry, they also have databases of purchases, potential buyers, and other businesses for sale.

Access to this kind of information helps them gain amazing insight of the market and the value of your business, and it also helps them sell it a lot faster than if you were to do it independently.

4. Screened Purchasers

Using a professional childcare broker is also beneficial if you are busy managing your business. Brokers will take care of everything, from pricing your centre to contacting potential buyers; they will take care of the sale process including holding viewings out of hours, and only contact you about serious buyers they’ve previously screened so not to waste your time.

5. Direct one on one communication

While they won’t waste your time with people who are not ready to buy, a good broker will always keep you in the loop. Let them know how often you’d like to be contacted, and how involved with the process you wish to be.  At Childcare Concepts, we pride ourselves on giving you one-on-one open communication, and we always keep our sellers’ best interests at heart, often delivering speedy sales, exceeding customers’ expectations and asking prices.

Are you thinking of selling? Do you need an appraisal as part of your exit strategy or looking to expand your investment portfolio? Get in touch with us at Childcare Concepts and see how we can exceed your expectations!

Childcare Concepts is the leading industry experts in the procurement and brokerage of childcare centres throughout NSW and Queensland. With industry knowledge and 30+ years experience, we are able to assist in the areas of freehold and leasehold sales, leasing, new centre site development, location sourcing and centre appraisals. We can also offer free marketing campaigns with our extensive purchaser networks. All with absolute confidentiality assured.

For further advice and guidance, talk to us at Childcare Concepts, child care business consultants and brokers with real industry experience.

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