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Ways That an App Can Help in Childcare Centre Management

It seems like there is an app for almost everything these days. Apps are great, they are simple to use and can be accessed from anywhere.  Let’s be honest, no one is ever very far away from their smartphone at any time. The range of childcare apps available is growing rapidly and there are some good ones around.

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways in which the introduction of an app can maximise efficiency in your child care centre,  be a value-add to your current client-parents and a selling point for prospective families.


Using an app to manage your bookings means parents can notify the child care centre of an absence as soon as they are aware of it and not have to wait for the facility to open in the morning. This will make it much more likely that parents will notify you, instead of just not dropping their child off.

Additionally, it will make it infinitely easier for parents seeking a last minute booking to book their child into the childcare centre. They won’t have to wait for the centre’s opening time or miss out on a spot because an absent child’s parents didn’t have time to call. This means a better system for parents and more money for your centre.


An app can simplify the billing process. It means both you and parents can access and pay bills anywhere. There won’t be an “I lost the bill/email” excuse again!

Signing In and Out

An app can greatly expedite the signing-in and signing-out process. Not only will it save you money on paper, it will completely eradicate lost time-sheets. Parental signatures can still be performed when necessary by using a stylus and then printed out for compliance purposes, or pin numbers can be used instead. It also allows you to send a notification to the primary caregiver when a child is being signed in or out by other family members. It simplifies communication with parents, too. Instead of sticking a post-it note to the sign-out sheet, you can send them a direct communication.

It also means you can press one button and see who has been signed in/out and who hasn’t, instead of flicking through multiple time-sheets. It inputs attendance information directly into the system, so you don’t have to go through and collate it for billing!

Keeping Parents Informed

There are many different apps available that allow caregivers to post updates and photos onto the app, so the parents can be kept up-to-date about what their children are up to during the day. It means parents won’t miss any milestones or firsts and makes it so easy for parents that are away, or other family members, to see what the children are up to and feel involved.


An app can simplify the reporting process. Instead of spending time filling out individual reports for each child, the caregiver can simply press a few buttons on the app and the job is done. This also means that busy parents who forget to grab their reports at the end of the day can still check up on their child’s progress when they get home.


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