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So you’ve just purchased a new childcare centre, and you’ve begun the transition period. Now’s the perfect time to set the basis for a winning centre culture.

A good centre culture is a key to transitioning employees and families and will help to make it easier for you to implement changes necessary to the centre. The same can be said if you’re considering selling your child care centre; potential buyers will see a centre’s good culture as advantageous.

Ways to Promote Good Culture in Your Childcare Centre

Make sure the environment is comfortable

Not only for children but for your employees and families as well. This means providing comfortable break rooms, and adequate resources in the classrooms. Ensuring there is adequate parking, seating areas for adults.

Be clear about expectations

This is really important when transitioning owners. Make it clear for all employees their roles, and what is expected of them. This might be confirming working hours, break times, uniforms, etc.

Provide positive reinforcement

The key to encouraging your employees is acknowledging when they do something right, or make a good suggestion. Go beyond the typical ‘employee of the month’, and acknowledge staff for their day-to-day duties.

Keep your communication open

When taking over any business, there will be changes. Discuss these changes with employees and families, making the reason and any effects clear. Also, keep your communication open for suggestions and for concerns.

Ensure families are kept up-to-date with what’s happening in the centre, with monthly newsletters or social media updates.

Be part of your own team

Don’t be a stranger to your own employees and centre families. Make your face known by being involved in the day-to-day running of the centre, and by attending special days/events. Support your employees when things go wrong, and be aware of what’s happening in your community.

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