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Ask anybody from the childcare industry and they will tell you, that with every child, comes a concerned parent and that developing positive relationships with parents is critical for ensuring the long-term success of their Centre.

It is easy to lose sight of the significance of continual communication with your parent community when the Centre and your occupancy rates are high. However, ensuring that you are nurturing positive relationships and engaging with your parent community on a regular basis – during the good (and not so good times), can cement both repeat and future business for the Centre, which can in the long term equate to higher occupancy rates and sale price.

The best source of free advertising comes from happy parents. We all know how much parents value word of mouth from close friends and other parents. So as a Centre owner, you are wanting all conversations: from the local mothers group, through to school pick up and Saturday sport conversations to involve mention of how wonderful you and your Centre is!

So how do we do this?

Ensuring that your parents are truly satisfied with your Centre

This means, not only by caring for their child, but also engaging in open and continual dialogue with parents, though multiple platforms; ensuring that they always have access to the latest updates and information.
• Newsletters
• Posters
• Take home flyers
• Social Media
• Centre Apps
• Emails

Are all great ways to keep the channels of conversation open between you and your parent community.

Knowing how they like to be communicated with

This may not be as easy as it seems. Firstly, if you are the Owner/Operator, you will need to ascertain what are the preferred methods of communication for your Centre. This means that if you own more than one centre that communications methods may alter slightly.

Remember: there is no point on using certain communication channels, if your parent community is not also utilising the same channel. For example, having your centre newsletter available online, emailed directly to parents, having them sent by post or simply having them available at the centre the right channel at the right time may make the difference in whether your newsletter is read or not.

The old ways sometimes are the best

There is no better way of communicating than face-to-face. Greeting parents when they arrive, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and having difficult or important conversations in person are always great ways to build and maintain strong bonds with your parental community.

Go meet the locals

Do not be shy to go and mingle in the community, as being positively active in your local community will make you and your Centre synopsis with quality care in your local neighbourhood. Getting involved in local networking events is always a great way to get this ball rolling!

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