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Working with children and making a valuable contribution to your local community can be a rewarding and satisfying experience for a centre owner, that is why I think more and more professionals are making the career change and looking at taking the plunge into the exciting and playful world of childcare.Recently, many of the centres which we have been selling back up my thoughts, with professionals looking for rewarding new careers which provide better work/life balance, and are contributing to children’s valuable early learning years.

Working 5 days a week, having the opportunity to give back to your local community and providing a government supported, core community service, not to mention great returns on investment, makes child care centre ownership a very appealing option.

However, what if you are a current child care centre owner?  Are there any benefits to selling now?

It is certainly no secret that the property market in NSW and in Sydney, in particular, has more than boomed – it has exploded over the past 12 months.  Arguably, this has had a “knock on” effect on sale prices of child care centres located all around Sydney regardless of whether they are Freehold or Leasehold centres.

It has been interesting for both Phillip and I to be involved in the Centre sales process during this “crazy” time and see first-hand the settlement prices and values of child care centres in some areas literally increase by tens of thousands of dollars within very small periods of time.

However, irrespective of where your centre is located, the abundance of buyer interest does bring with it wonderful benefits, which do not carry a monetary figure (although return on investment is always important).  The current levels of buyer interest mean that in many cases you as the business owner (Vendor) will be presented with multiple offers on your property and it will be up to you to choose who will continue on your child care legacy, support your local community and maintain your brand’s name.

To find out more on suburb hotspots check out our Suburb Profiles at Childcare Concepts, or if you own a child care centre and would like to have an obligation free evaluation, contact us directly on 02 9613 0762.

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