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Trust in the workplace is the backbone of every successful childcare centre. This is because employees are more willing to follow leaders they trust and believe in and in times of change a track record of trust between employees and managers can help an organisation weather the storm.

Trust Pays Off!

Trust in the workplace is not some vague concept – it actually pays off! Organisations with a strong culture of trust enjoy greater productivity and staff engagement. High trust also facilitates increased team interaction, successful collaboration, knowledge sharing and performance efficiency – all of which are important in a child care centre! Trust can also benefit organisations financially, lowering recruitment costs and increasing a centre’s rate of return on their investment in their team in the long term.

Unfortunately, like most things in life, trust does not grow overnight – it builds over time. To create trust in a workplace, it starts at the very top and then must be fostered through the rest of the company. Management must set the example and the standard for all employees to follow.

There are a number of things organisations can do to build employee trust in a workplace environment:

Establishing and maintaining integrity

This means keeping promises and always telling the truth. If you cannot keep a commitment, explain what is happening about the situation without delay.

Hiring and promoting positive people

Hire and promote people who are capable of forming positive, trusting relationships with the people who report to them.

Protecting personal information

Protect your employees’ personal information as if it were your own. This sometimes means assuming that all information is private and confidential – just because you don’t think it is private does not mean it isn’t private!

Keeping members informed

Keep staff members fully informed by providing as much information as you can. Comfortably divulge as soon as possible in any situation.

Protecting employees’ interest

Protect the interest of all employees in a work group. Employees learn to trust when they know that their names are not being taken in vain.

Setting high expectations

If you are a supervisor or a team member, set high expectations and act as if you believe staff members are capable of living up to them. This trust and support will draw forth your employees’ best efforts and their trust in return.

Listening to your staff

Most importantly, listen to staff with respect and full attention always.

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